Kat as a Photographer

From the moment I became the owner of a phone with a camera in it (shout out to the LG Neon Green Chocolate Slide Phone) I have been PHOTO OBSESSED. I am finally taking advantage of this passion to help myself with some side income and to help anyone who may be looking to revamp their online content, give their branding a brush up, get some cute shots for their website & insta, (or just to have a good time while I hype you up screaming “yessss” under my breath as I take every photo.) As an actor familiar with the struggle to constantly produce updated online content, and as a 25 year old human living in 2019 familiar with the desire to have a trendy online brand™ - I provide a simple and effective package.

Please scroll through some of my work below and continue to read about the details of my sessions including how you can book one! (check out my insta: @KatGriffinPhotography)



Featured in Playbill

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Book a Session

Contact me at KatGriffinPhotoNYC@gmail.com or DM me on social media to schedule your session.

Details of the shoot

  • Outdoor/location shooting (streets, parks, cafes, your place of work/home, a space you’ve rented- https://www.alchemicalstudios.com , trendy streets) As for as my own personal “studio”- I have a nice blank naturally lit wall in my apartment and an accessible fire escape (Washington Heights.)

  • Me & the camera (Nikon D750) - no additional equipment.

  • $80 a session (Payment by Venmo preferred) *Couples/Multiple persons in photo - prices may vary

    - $40 deposit to reserve a date/time and the remainder is paid at the end of your session. I am flexible with rescheduling due to weather or last minute circumstances but once the $40 deposit is sent it is non-refundable.

  • Two hours maximum (including travel if we use multiple locations). Most sessions end up lasting around an hour or so.

  • You receive 35 edited photos* of my choosing that are the best of what we get (photo quality, overall vibe, most effective & dynamic photos - this is not a “headshot session” though the shots could be used as such, I will not be sending you hundreds of pictures to scroll through and select for editing, I will edit and send you the best pictures from our session together within 5 days of your payment. You will also receive an extra folder of your remaining unedited photos.

  • Family Discount 🌈: For members of the LGB/Queer community I offer a $10 discount. For members of the TGNC (trans & gender nonconforming) community a $15 discount. Pay as you can/negotiated lower prices available especially for in need TGNC/POC artists- please ask, we’ll make it work!

*Edited= blemish removal/basic photo enhancement (lighting, sharpening, cropping, etc) 35 is the minimum amount of photos I guarantee- there are usually too many good ones and it ends up being 40+ish edits as well as a file of unedited extras from the session that you can send me one or two from to edit if there is a great shot you love that I didn’t end up choosing for the edits- though I must say usually my eye is pretty good at picking out the best photos!

Original photo right off camera vs final edit example:

I retain the right to use any of our final images in my own online marketing (@KatGriffinPhotography on Instagram, my website gallery, &/or Facebook posts advertising my sessions.)