(They/She/He) Grew up just outside of Pittsburgh where they took part in all the rural activities of Western PA. After mastering Archery and Horse Back Riding they began spending summers at a local theatre and the rest is history!

After becoming the president of their high school Thespian Society and many summers spent performing, Kat made the move to Baldwin Wallace University (Cleveland), and spent four years in a classically based acting program where they also took vocal lessons and worked in Regional productions of plays/musicals in and outside of Downtown Cleveland. They graduated with their BA in Acting and a Minor in Gender Studies.

CUT TO: 2018. Kat is loving life in NYC - Actively auditioning and performing, taking classes, and booking work in and outside of The Big Apple.

*Kat identifies as nonbinary and finds joy in living on an ever fluctuating spectrum of energy. She/They/He is comfortable with any & all pronouns and is (obviously) also a proud member of the LGBT community!