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Why TGNC (Trans & Gender Nonconforming) Actors should play TGNC roles/Why Cisgender (someone who’s Gender Identity aligns with the Sex they were assigned at birth) Actors should NOT play TGNC roles:

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Click the above link for an amazing directory by StateraArts including Directories, Books, Public Figures, Production Organizations, Podcasts, Articles, and MORE.

Where can I find TGNC talent/How can I get TGNC Actors to audition for my show?

https://transvoicescabaret.wixsite.com/transvoicescabaret/cast - NYC Based TGNC performers who have participated in Trans Voices Cabaret.

https://www.ringofkeys.org - Check out our Member Directory/Email us casting info that we can pass along to our private Ring Of Keys Member Facebook Group.

If you want Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Nonconforming actors to be drawn to submit to your breakdowns you need to make sure the language used is intelligent/approved by a TGNC creative team member (you need TGNC members on your creative team or at minimum paid TGNC consultants who have looked over your work.) Terms like “Transgendered” & blanket statements like “Seeking Trans Actor to play Sally, a homeless youth” are red flags. Are you looking for someone who is femme presenting? Are you seeking an actor who is comfortable being associated with She/Her pronouns? A masculine of center nonbinary actor playing someone at the start of their emotional transition? All of this should be clarified in your breakdown so its clear to us that you have done your research, are an ally, and know what you want.

Add your pronouns to your email handle/social media pages- If you are Cisgender it may seem obvious to you but a clear sign to someone within the TGNC community that you are an ally/someone we want to work with is seeing that you are aware that pronouns are NOT immediately obvious and that someones gender identity is not inherently tied to the way they present themselves (ex: Someone could present as societies idea of masculine but use They/Them pronouns)

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