Check out my Instagram Highlight titled “Singing!” for a quick reel of the below videos as well as Jagged Little Pill, Jack/Into The Woods, Judas/JCS, 54 Below Sings Annie Lennox - and more. (best used on mobile)

Shaina Taub Cover

The Laurie Beechman Theatre (fuller voice sound at 3:05 marker)

Changing My Major

Trans Voices Cabaret at The Duplex. (Audition cut 2:40- end)

"If I loved you" in QUEER CABARET at The Greenroom 42

(my portion of the duet begins 2 minutes in- main chorus at 4:30 marker)

Ring Of Keys Presents: Queering the Stage

Birdland Jazz

Clips from work sessions with Heidi Marshall Studio

(The L Word/West Side Story)

Old Fashion Love Story

(Lippa's The Wild Party- Invited Dress/Semi Illegal recording, shhh)

National Queer Theatre's holiday fundraiser.

Carlton Arms Hotel